Scholes Sindir MU Shopping Policy

Paul Scholes flicked spending policies Manchester United. The former Red Devils call if MU still would be difficult to win the title next season if not immediately spending the right players.

Louis van Gaal failed to make a direct MU champion in his first season. In fact, MU had to fight extra hard until the last weeks of the league to secure a place in the European zone. In fact, MU still need one more point to really secure ranked fourth in the league at the 36th week.

Currently, Manchester United is in position four of the Premier League with a value of 68 of the 36 weeks. They are six points ahead of Liverpool who followed in fifth place. Chelsea, Manchester CIty, and Arsenal be a tough competitor in the top four this season.

A similar situation is believed to be repeated. That is if MU did not immediately patch the team’s back line.

“I think they will qualify for the Champions League again next season. But, it is too early to be able to get the title,” Scholes said as quoted by the Mirror.

“We know that Chelsea will buy two or three players again and you are obliged to say that this season they’ve far left opponents.

“Arsenal also show appearance okay and if they buy some more players I think they could run faster. City certainly will invest the money as usual,” he said.

Scholes then compare the lineup back in the future with Sir Alex Ferguson today. Currently the stock defender minimal, already so often can not be played.

“When you remember Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand in the heyday, they are always ready to be installed every week. Now anyone who fills defender? Jonny Evans yes injury if not a red card, Phil Jones is always an injury, Chris Smalling was okay but still disturbed injury, “said the 40-year-old man