Scholes: Manchester United No Need to Recruit Pogba

Manchester – Paul Scholes assess his former club, Manchester United, did not make a mistake when removing Paul Pogba. Scholes also assesses the Red Devils do not need ngoyo spend big money to recruit Pogba again.

Pogba left Manchester United in 2012 ago and joined the Italian club, Juventus. At that time, MU earned money only meager compensation value.

However, the value Pogba has now skyrocketed. Thanks to his impressive performances with Juve in the last three seasons, the French midfielder was estimated to worth 80 million euros or even more. He reportedly glimpsed the big clubs of Europe, not least the MU.

But, at a price that is so expensive Pogba, Scholes advised not to buy Pogba MU.

“I do not feel they have to go back to recruit Pogba with the amount of money being discussed lately after losing him and could only compensation money,” Scholes wrote in his column in the Independent.

“I understand that Chelsea did the same thing when they buy back Nemanja Matic from Benfica. However, prices are not as price Matic called for Pogba. It feels wrong to me,” he said.

Scholes added, MU did not make a mistake when let Pogba away three years ago. When it does not look special Pogba. In addition, he and his agents also charge that is too high for the size of the young players.

“They charge the same level the first team for a player who has not been in the first team at the time. United felt it was not right and stick with principle,” said Scholes.

“He went in the summer and very quickly get a place at Juventus, which can indeed happen,” he said.