'How good could Ibe Sterling which seems Will Go'

Liverpool – With the future continues to be speculated, Raheem Sterling predicted is going to leave Liverpool in the summer. The Reds had a good Jordon Ibe is considered a potential good as Sterling.

Liverpool had to settle balanced 1-1 with Chelsea at the weekend. This result becomes a big blow for the opportunity ‘The Red’ to finish the season in the top four Champions League zone alias.

The match against Liverpool itself is a young player, Ibe (19 years) and Jerome Sinclair (18 years), became two of the three substitutes. This contrasts with Chelsea which lowers three experienced players – Gary Cahill, Nemanja Matic, and Juan Cuadrado.

Phil Thompson, Liverpool player the period 1971-1984, referred to it as an indication that the squad Anfield Gank is still less flying hours despite his young players also have good potential.

“Liverpool have Jerome Sinclair who came on as a substitute and also Jordon Ibe, who I thought could be as good Raheem Sterling in part utilizing a wide field, but still visible disparities in the squad,” Thompson told Sky Sports and cited Express.

“Both players are under 20 years old, while Chelsea has Gary Cahill, Nemanja Matic, and Juan Cuadrado who entered as a substitute – three established international players,” he continued.

While talking specifically about the future of Sterling at Anfield, he stated, “I think now it will be very difficult for him to survive in Liverpool. He has shown all the signs that he is ready to leave the club.”