Fans can Standing Ovation from Chelsea, Gerrard: Good, They Be More Crowded

London – When it was replaced by Lucas Leiva, Steven Gerrard get rousing applause. Not only from the Liverpool supporters, but also from the Chelsea supporters. Gerrard responded with a comment.

Gerrard installed as a starter in the match Chelsea vs Liverpool held at Stamford Bridge on Sunday (10/5) night. The Reds captain was also created one goal through a header in the 44th minute, which make the score 1-1.

Gerrard eventually played until the 79th minute and was replaced by Lucas. When he left the field that the supporters of both teams gave boisterous applause while standing.

Standing ovation from the supporters of Liverpool of course is a natural thing. As with the standing ovation from the supporters of Chelsea are a bit unique and also “strange”. Therefore, throughout the game there is also a supporter of Chelsea who teased. Some even raised a small poster that read “Caution” with a picture of a person slipping on the incidence of slipping Gerrard –merujuk when facing Chelsea at Anfield last season.

Gerrard admitted to not want to be involved in sentimentality with Chelsea supporters only because it was given a standing ovation. For him, the most important remains the support of the supporters of the team itself.

“I do not want to be dragged up to congratulate for Chelsea fans. That’s good if so, they eventually become more crowded to occasionally today,” said Gerrard told Sky Sports.

“I am pleased with the welcome from the Liverpool supporters. I think Chelsea supporters to show respect for a while, but they crushed me throughout the game.”