Wenger Could Make Call Burnley Arsenal Dilemma

London – Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger did not deny that Burnley very difficult for foster children. The Frenchman was even called his opponent to make his dilemma, chasing another goal or to survive.

Arsenal won 1-0 when they travel to Turf Moor on Saturday (11/04/2015) night. Although appearing more dominant in possession, the Gunners are always difficult to penetrate the defense Burnley.

While giving up 17 shots, chances Arsenal really dangerous fairly minimal. Even if compared, both teams chances are relatively balanced. Arsenal had five shots on target were Burnley recorded a four-kick towards goal.

Goals learned quite early in the 12th minute by Aaron Ramsey is also not too helpful. Note possession which reached 69% throughout the game becomes almost meaningless much.

“It is the appearance of fuller resistance than a performance liquid. And it happened because Burnley perfectly organized and very fit to keep the form of the game for the full 90 minutes,” said Wenger told the BBC.

“They made a very difficult situation for us. Our goal is vital and a bit of a dilemma, if we target the other goal or keep the defense tight.”

“It was not always the best place to go. When you do not score the second goal then you are always in danger, but I think we played pretty decent to win games,” he added