Standard Chartered Liverpool Sponsored Still Up in 2019

London – Logo Standard Chartered still be displayed at the Liverpool jersey, after the Merseyside club officially extend kerjasaman with British banks up to three years.

Standard Chartered began sponsoring Liverpool since 2010, replacing Calsberg as the main sponsor, the initial contract value of £ 20 million per season. Then it rises when the value of the contract to extend the first time in 2013.

Didatandatangani contract two years ago that will expire in the summer of 2016. Feeling equally beneficial, Liverpool and Standard Chartered finally decided to continue the partnership until 2019, or at the end of the 2018/2019 season.

Reportedly the Reds will get the money supply of 30 million pounds per season, which only lost to Manchester United (Chevrolet – 47 million pounds) and Chelsea (Yokohama Tire – 40 million pounds) in the row of the Premier League club. Liverpool gained the same amount with the Fly Emirates provide for Arsenal.

“This contract extension shows great strength of our long-term relationship and the success of cooperation with Standard Chartered,” said Chief Commercial Officer of Liverpool, Billy Hogan, told the Liverpool Echo.

“Sponsoring costume Liverpool is a great honor and only five brands that ever existed in costume players, since we started taking sponsorship 40 years ago,” he continued.

“When the contract expires, then our cooperation with Standard Chartered has lasted nearly a decade and we will continue to collaborate both in terms of value, passion, and commitment to the community.”

Standard Chartered finished fifth brand ever in the bosom of the players club 18 times Premier League champions, after Hitachi, Crown, Candy, and Carlsberg.