Riuhnya Old Trafford Help MU Mute 'Noisy Neighbours'

Manchester – Manchester United successfully silenced Manchester City in the Premier League. Riuhnya Old Trafford in Manchester derby helped the Red Devils made the ‘noisy neighbors’ speechless.

Official Site of the Premier League noted that as many as 75 313 ‚Äč‚Äčthousand pairs of eyes watched the Manchester derby on Sunday (04/12/2015), which ended 4-2 to Manchester United victory.

Despite the win, Manchester United supporters had contrived to be alarmed because the goal is escorted by Davi De Gea had conceded after just eight minutes.

Manchester United supporters cheer after Ashley Young scored the equalizer six penit later. Proponents of the ‘Red Devils’ increasingly semringah after Marouane Fellaini, Juan Mata, and Chris Smalling, turns recorded name on the scoreboard.

Young then revealed that Manchester United fans support was incredible in this game, even since they were warming up. Support that can help MU silence noisy neighbors. The Citizens won the previous four editions of the Manchester derby.

“We feel that we can beat all of the team as we look okay. Our confidence is very high already for a long time and we want to continue to keep the momentum kept going,” Young said Manchester United’s official website.

“The fans was incredible, even since we undergo heating. I think it was the loudest we’ve ever heard from them. We want to continue to make a ‘noisy neighbors’ us speechless and we instantly make them silent (when scoring children).”

“When you are winning 3-1 and 4-1, and then tries to control the ball and we did it. Carras (Michael Carrick) should be out of the field due to injury and we played with 10 players and they scored, the game is over. I think the game already ended when the 3-1 position, “he added.
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