Reina Not Close Possible Return to Napoli

Munich – Pepe Reina did not regret his decision to move to Bayern Munich in the club even though he only finished the bench. Reina also opens the possibility of returning to defend Napoli in the future.

Reina escort Napoli goalkeeper last season and helped his team captured the title of the Coppa Italia. Although only one season in Naples, he was loved by his fans. Reina himself also continues to support Partenopei though only through social media accounts.

At the beginning of this season, Reina released Liverpool to Bayern. At Bayern, Spanish goalkeeper Manuel Neuer duty layering.

Reina with new Bayern contract will expire in 2017. After that, Reina may be returned to Naples.

“I always say that I left the door open to Napoli because we worked very well there and I love the club and the city,” said Reina told Radio CRC.

“I know it is not easy to get playing time with Manuel Neuer in front of me. But I learned so much from him. He is an outstanding goalkeeper and also an outstanding teammate,” he said.

“My future? We’ll see. My contract with Bayern remaining two years, but we never know what will happen in football,” said Reina.

“I always said that I want to play. But, last summer I chose to join Bayern Munich because we can win many titles here,” said the 32-year-old.