Ramsey: Arsenal Pressure Not Amounting Previous seasons

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey believes his team in a better atmosphere staring at the FA Cup semi-final this time than last season. No more huge pressure to end the fasting title.

Arsenal will face Reading at Wembley on Saturday (18/04/2015) night later in the FA Cup semi-final. The Gunners determined to get back to the finals to defend the title last season achieved.

As last season, this time Arsenal also face an opponent of the Championship. Last year they even had almost stumbled, fell behind in advance by Wigan Athletic to then equalize in the last 10 minutes of normal time. They ultimately to the finals after winning on penalties.

Ramsey believes this time the situation is better. Last year recognized there is great pressure to end the nine-year degree fasting.

“The pressure was gone wide because we won something last season, so there is no longer talk of nine years without a title,” Ramsey said on the club’s official website.

“I think that kind of gone, but our very favorites and we have to enter the game in a condition ready for them. Because anything can happen at this stage of the FA Cup.”

“I think we then feel the pressure, of course, because it drove so long without a major trophy and there are nuances that awakened before the game. And maybe in the game we feel the pressure,” he added.

“Then we left behind, and got up and escaped on penalties in the end. It was a match that was a bit stressful for us. But we escaped in the end and memenang tournament.”

“We do not have that kind of pressure again now. We just need to focus on ourselves and if we do that and set up properly, we will qualify,” said midfielder These Wales.