Proof Yourself Fellaini touted Rooney

Manchester – Marouane Fellaini has now become an important player for Manchester United after last season did not shine. Fellaini success silence all criticism was hailed by the captain of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney.

MU recruited Fellaini of Everton on the last day of the summer transfer market in 2013 with the transfer of 27.5 million pounds. However, in his first season at Manchester United, Belgian midfielder was sluggish. He was often injured and when the performance is also not fit as expected supporters ‘Red Devils’.

Fellaini poor appearance makes frequent targets banter. Players curly hair was often used as a scapegoat for the limping seoknya MU last season.

Fellaini fate begins to change after Louis van Gaal was appointed as manager of Manchester United to replace David Moyes. Van Gaal push Fellaini more forward so that the player will often go into the opponent’s penalty box to help the attack. Fellaini who have unreliable tall stature in the air encounters in the area of ​​the opponent’s defense, both for scoring and bouncing the ball to his partner.

Fellaini managed to pay the trust placed Van Gaal. He even has now become one of the mainstays MU players who almost certainly get in the starting line-up in each game.

In 25 games he has spent with Manchester United this season, Fellaini contributed six goals and one assist. He made his latest goal against Manchester City in the derby at Old Trafford on Sunday (4/12/2015) ago.

“Last season went very badly for her, but she continued to work hard and pass through the heavy period,” the Mirror quoted Rooney said.

“She difficult escorted by the defender. He installed properly by the manager and she paid him with goals and good performance.

“We want to build attacks from the back and if we suppress opponents, so we got him a choice. He was probably the best in the world of football in terms of bouncing the ball down and pulled us from stress and take us further forward on the pitch.

“He is now showing what he had done at Everton and why Manchester United bought it. He is a quality player. He is a different option for us and it was starting to look at the top of the field,” said Rooney.

According to Rooney, Manchester United in last season’s decline is not solely one of Fellaini because many players did not perform optimally.

“He is one of the most widely blame the players. It was heavy for him. Fortunately, the manager (Van Gaal) to believe it,” said Rooney.

“He’s big, strong, and always a threat to the opponent. That’s what he showed today. He’s tough guard. It was good for him and we hope it continues,” he said.