Opportunity Earn Degree It Through, MU Charged sure Tickets Champions League

Manchester – The defeat of Chelsea acknowledged making opportunity Manchester United to win the Premier League title this season is lost. Now the ‘Red Devils’ are required to maintain the level and make sure to qualify the Champions League.

MU narrowly lost 0-1 when they travel to Stamford Bridge last weekend. This action was previously believed to be the best chance children Manchester to try to overtake Chelsea at the top, even seize the position.

If you win, Manchester United could attenuate the distance to five points away even though the team Jose Mourinho still has one more match remaining. However, with the defeat of the swallowed, Wayne Rooney et al. is still stuck in third position with 65 points, within 11 points of Chelsea.

With only five games left plus the fact that Chelsea had a chance to widen the difference finished with 14 points, made a conscious MU champion already missed chance. But there are other major challenges that await, namely to qualify for the Champions League next season.

They are currently facing pressure from Manchester City and Liverpool are successively occupy positions four and five. City are just a point behind, while Liverpool left behind eight points but still keep one match remaining more.

“It is clear that the chance of winning the league may have passed, but still no pressure on Manchester United. I think the kids have grown up on it over the last few months,” said the Manchester United defender Jonny Evans told MUTV.

“I think it would be nice to end the season with a big challenge for us. But it is something that I think is ready we face.”

“We are always confident and managers have always believed in us. There are five games again this season and we have to ensure ourselves to continue this standard.”

“We previously used to it over the years, getting pressure. And this time, the challenge is to qualify for the Champions League,” he said, as reported by Soccerway.