Not About Wenger vs Mourinho

London – Rivalry Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho will return to heat up this weekend when Arsenal face Chelsea. However, Wenger denied the assumption if the game so the arena duel with Mourinho.

It’s no secret if the relationship between the two top managers were not getting along since the arrival of Mourinho in the UK in 2004. They are always engaged in a war of words both inside and outside the field.

Wenger was ever a time called Mourinho as voyeur or a voyeur, as annoyed with the French colleagues often comment on the lunge Mourinho and his team.

Then last season’s most memorable was when Mourinho was again attacked Wenger describes as “Specialist” Failure linked fasting Arsenal title for 9 years before the FA Cup champion.

At the first meeting this season with Chelsea winning 2-0, Wenger and Mourinho had an argument after Wenger upset to see Alexis Sanchez trampled by Gary Cahill, who eventually escaped punishment referee.

Plus Mourinho entered the era of the two with Chelsea, Wenger also can not be beat. From a total of 12 duel between the two, only the maximum Wenger won five draws and seven defeats, including a defeat by a score of 0-6 at Stamford Bridge last season.

The two teams will meet in a crucial game this weekend held at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal or Chelsea because both have their respective missions as the top two Premier League today.

Arsenal certainly want to continue to maintain its position in second place standings plus trying to cut the distance of seven points with Chelsea, while keeping the hope of becoming a champion. As for the Blues, of three points shall be obtained if you want to immediately ensure the league title in hand.

Back duel versus Mourinho Wenger so “food” for the British media there who called the game so the best moment Wenger’s first win over Mourinho.

“I do not want talking about a matter that,” Wenger said when asked about the rivalry with Mourinho.

“What is interesting for people is when the game starts at 4 pm will run exciting. This is what English football needs. Arsenal vs Chelsea is a big game. Not a feud between the two managers, this is a duel between the two teams,” he continued as reported Soccernet.