Napoli president Will Happy If Benitez Survive Until 5 Years After

Naples – Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis hoped Rafael Benitez remains train Partenopei until five years into the future. He also suggested that Benitez to bring his family from England to Italy alone.

Benitez contract with Napoli will expire next summer. So far the two sides have not agreed on a new contract.

That, coupled with the fact that the Benitez family still lives in England, sparking rumors that the 55-year-old tactic peracik ever handle Liverpool (2004-2010) and Chelsea (2012-2013) could return to the Premier League.

On the other hand also came news that Sampdoria coach Sinisa Mihajlovic will be the next coach of Napoli if Benitez decides to leave the city of Naples.

“Between myself with Benitez is always a great respect and even friendship,” said De Laurentiis told Radio Kiss Kiss and quoted by Soccerway.

“If Benitez survived I would be most happy people of the world, if not then we will look for someone else. I have already told Benitez he could last another year or even five years. If he wants to survive for five years that would make me happy. ”

“The best solution might be that the family (who currently lives in the UK) moved to Rome is only two hours away from Naples. Benitez has told me he will talk with his family and then we will meet again on Saturday,” he said.