Kubu Palermo Claim Dybala Also seen by Rome and Many Foreign Clubs

Palermo – Reappears a news about Paulo Dybala. Club, Palermo, call Dybala not only enthused by Juventus but also Roma, although both must compete with enthusiasts from outside Italy.

The closer to the end of the season, which also will make the summer transfer window opened, Dybala name keeps coming up. Finally Juve striker admits interest in the 21-year-old Argentine.

Vice President of Palermo Guglielmo Micchiche later revealed that Juve are not alone hunt Dybala in Italy since at least there are also Roma who have come closer. But the two clubs also have greater international competition.

“He is the most prominent player in the international transfer market. It is clear that if there is a foreign club decided to move towards negotiations, they could do so without major obstacles,” said Micchiche to Tele Radio Stereo quoted by Football Italia.

“Even so, Juventus, for example, can compete to get, at least because of the income they generate from a particular competition (Champions League). Last summer Roma also have proven they are willing to invest in a particular player in the transfer market.”

“Two big Italian clubs were already moving to try to get Dybala, but at the international level practically the entire club wants it,” he said.