Coquelin Sanjung Matic as Amazing Players

London – Arsenal midfielder Francis Coquelin did not hesitate to admit Chelsea, Nemanja Matic, as a role model. Equally plays a defensive midfielder, he considered Matic looks amazing.

Coquelin and Matic will likely face each other when the two team clash at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday (26/04/2015) night. As a defensive midfielder, they also play a major role keeping the balance of the team and may not hold a vital role to achieve the full amount of each club.

Although opposites, Coquelin did not hesitate to call Matic as a role model. Moreover Matic has more experience than him who are just starting dipercara even Arsene Wenger since the middle of this season.

Coquelin is now a top choice Wenger at Arsenal midfield. The 23-year-old has so far been performed 17 times in the Premier League.

Playing in the same position with a similar role, Coquelin admitted learn from Matic. Since rejoining the Blues midway through last season, so Matic pillar for Jose Mourinho’s squad. Throughout this season, Matic has appeared 30 times in the league by scoring one goal and two assists.

“What he did was amazing. At Chelsea, he was a major figure so deserves credit for him. He had a good season and is a good player. Always nice to deal with players like that,” said Coquelin on the official site club.

“It is an important position and Matic has shown how important he is. That’s what I’m doing well for Arsenal. The fans want a good defensive midfielder, they know this position is important for the team,” he added.