British sprinter About Bellerin and speed Adu Walcott

London – Hector Bellerin crowded now referred to as the fastest player Arsenal, beating the previous record of 40 meters which held Theo Walcott. In disbelief, British sprinter Richard Kilty was challenging both.

At the beginning of the season Bellerin touted listed itself as the fastest player in Arsenal beat note Walcott. Walcott previously had a record of 4.42 seconds in the 40-meter distance and successfully sharpened Bellerin the hundredth of a second more agile.

Walcott himself had admitted to no longer be a record holder, who had previously taken from Thierry Henry. Henry ahead of time so that the fastest in the squad for the Gunners with a record of 4.82 seconds.

“I beat his record sprint (Henry), which is now solved Hector,” the Independent quoted Walcott said last August.

Well, this record seems to harass Kilty, British sprinter who holds the title of world champion in the indoor 60 meters. 25-year-old runner was believed Bellerin can break 4.42 seconds in the 40 meters, which is a matter of even faster than the world record holder Usain Bolt.

Bolt as the fastest man on earth at this time, even ‘just’ record time of 4.62 seconds in the 40-meter world record when seizing 100 meters. Therefore, Kilty bet 30 thousand pounds, or about 573 million dollars to challenge Bellerin and collided Walcott sprints.

“The media claimsHectorBellerin can record 4.42 seconds in the 40 meters. It’s really not possible. Journalists-journalist is really stupid,” Kilty wrote in his Twitter account, @ RKilty1.

“I’ll bet 30,000 pounds on track to compete withHectorBellerin &theowalcott with any distance, anytime, anywhere.”

“Race will be over very quickly. So if they welcome this bet, I would be happy to show to everyone that they can not sprint as fast as that claimed the media,” said he.

There has been no response from Bellerin and related Walcott Kilty challenge so far.