Arsenal Plan Shown Attack and Counter-Attack Mute Chelsea

London – Arsenal in the middle of an impressive performance in recent times. Host Chelsea, the Gunners plans appear to attack also dampen potential rival counterattack.

Arsenal in a string of victories in his last nine games in various events. During the period of their total scored 20 goals and conceded just five times.

Wenger assess his team is now more confident when attacking and perform more efficiently when survive. This performance was determined to be maintained when host Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday (04/26/2015) evening hrs later.

“I think we were a little more efficient in the last but not always more careful. Maybe we attacked more often. There is less reluctance to attack when we hold the ball when a strong belief,” he said on the club’s official website.

“When we attack, we attack because no conviction behind it. Sometimes it is hard to let a sense of restraint apart when there is no confidence. When you are in a string of victories, it is so much easier,” he added.

However, facing the middle of the standings Chelsea and the least to lose points in the league so far demanding performance above average. Wenger believes the key is how to dampen the counterattack of the Blues.

“We have to arrange that the players who move to attack do with 100 percent sure, and the players were not developed to protect us from potential backlash. We have so far good in the face of attack,” said Wenger.

“But Chelsea have become the most efficient team in it. Maybe they’ll be a little too much play it,” he added.

Chelsea have so far only lost twice from 32 weeks to win 23 games. Jose Mourinho team firmly on top of the standings with a value of 76, 10 points ahead of Arsenal with the same number of matches.