'Failure in the Champions League Chelsea Profitable rate in the Premier League'

London – There is also a positive side behind Chelsea elimination from the Champions League. For Jose Mourinho, ‘The Blue’ is no longer faced with a busy schedule and can focus fully pursue the Premier League trophy.

Step Chelsea had stopped in the last 16 of the Champions League on away goals after a 3-3 aggregate defeat of Paris Saint-Germain last week. Certainly disappointing results considering they are one of the favorites to win there.

Moreover Chelsea so ambitious to achieve the treble this season after their success in the League Cup plus still dominate the top of the Premier League, with six points from Manchester City in the second position which has one more game.

But Mourinho did not want to stay long dissolved in the disappointment considering Chelsea still have an important mission to win the league. Then the man from Portugal was trying to take the wisdom behind the failure of the Champions League quarter-final.

Chelsea will now no longer be disturbed schedule other than the Premier League match which would be good for the physical effect of the players, at times crucial at this time.

“If you ask me whether I would rather be in the Champions League, I obviously would say yes,” said Mourinho at Soccernet. “During my career, I have always played there. This is the second time I failed to qualify for the quarterfinals.”

“I’d love to be there, but in fact if we were still in the Champions League we could face Barcelona at home, Manchester United at home, away to Barcelona and Arsenal. Obviously it would put us in a very difficult situation,” he added .

“In some countries, when it was made in the pre-season schedule, then the schedule will be potentially beneficial for the club in the Champions League, and schedules that ensure that the quarter-finals and semi-finals, is unlikely to play a great game match, derby, clasicos. ”

“But I have to admit I want to be in that position. I want to play against Barcelona, ​​United, Barcelona, ​​Arsenal, but in fact we are already out and we can not hide that we are frustrated. But it also makes us to be in a situation where we can work and rest better and closed the season with a good as I expected and the players, “he concluded.