Towards Parma Karam As the Titanic

Parma – Parma referred to are on the verge of bankruptcy. They were likened to the Titanic to be shipwrecked.

If the Titanic struck an iceberg sank because, Parma was on the verge of sinking after being hit by the financial crisis. The crisis even make all the players and staff at the club does not receive a salary since July 2014.

Parma called only has tens of thousands of euros in their bank accounts. Meanwhile, their debts were mounting up to hundreds of millions of euros.

This crisis is also characterized by the alternation of the president and owner in just monthly alone. Tommaso Ghirardi, and then move on to the Emir Kodra, and now Giampietro Manenti. Kodra even buy Parma at a price of 1 euro, but with mounting debt pile in it.

“I just realized that we were on the Titanic,” said the manager of Parma, Sandro Melli, told Corriere dello Sport.

“On the top deck is first class, where everything looks beautiful with lots of people dancing, like Ghirardi and (CEO Pietro) Leonardi.”

“But, underneath there is a class two and class three.