Three Crucial Points for the Gunners

London – Arsenal 2-1 win over Leicester City in the Premier League. For Theo Walcott, the three points gained from this match means it is important to his team.

After losing to Tottenham Hotspur in the North London derby last weekend, Arsenal got up in the middle of the week’s game. Entertaining Leicester at the Emirates Stadium on Wednesday (11/02/2015) pm dawn, the Gunners won 2-1.

“No doubt. After the disappointment in the derby, always nice to get a result,” Walcott said when asked about the importance of the victory over Leicester.

“The performance is not the best but we got the three points and we pass in the end. It is a game that is not neat, but now means a crucial three points.”

The results of this match is not just meant to restore Arsenal to victory lane. An additional three points from this game also keep Arsenal in the competition to the big four.

An additional three points from this match to temporarily lift Arsenal into fourth place with 45 points from 25 matches. They equal the number of points Southampton in third place and one point ahead of Manchester United. However Southampton and Manchester United will play on Thursday (02/12/2015) pm dawn later.

“I think it will be tight, I think you can see every year improved teams, who would have thought Southampton would be up there, considering the players who go in this season,” said Walcott.

“I think it will be until the end, that’s why it is very important to get up. The appearance yet, but the three points is what we want to achieve,” he told the club’s official website.