Instant Effect Bony waiting for City

Manchester – In Swansea City, Wilfried Bony has proven itself as a goal-hungry striker. Naturally, if Bony also required to show better performance with Manchester City this time.

Bony since coming to the Premier League did not take long to get used to the climate of competition in the UK. Note as the sharpest player in the Premier League throughout 2014 so evidence of the ability of Bony.

For that City would pay a premium of about 30 million pounds when signing him from Swansea in the January transfer window. Unfortunately Bony can not directly act as they should appear in the African Cup.

After carrying Ivory Coast became the champion in the competition, along with Yaya Toure Bony had already returned to England to join his teammates.

City the middle to catch up seven points clear of Chelsea at the top standings require immediate Bony contribution on the pitch. Although Bony acknowledges that it will not be easy considering he did not have much time to adapt to the team.

Meanwhile debut match Bony is this weekend when City to Newcastle United at the Etihad Stadium.

“We need to win the game as much as possible because we have to pursue the seven points with Chelsea,” said Bony in the Mirror