Diego Costa: I do not injure opponents, Just Provocation Only

London – In addition to his goals are many, the season debut of Diego Costa in Chelsea is also synonymous with the game hard. According to Costa, what he did was just to provoke the opponent, not to make an injury.

The case of ‘violence’ latest involving Costa is action whatever was left on Emre Can. The incident made the Spanish international striker was sentenced to three games by the FA.

Bertandingn ban is the culmination of a series of tough games that always he showed every played by Jose Mourinho. The 26-year-old did not hesitate crashing into an opponent, a tackle, duel and also provocation.

So in addition to statistical brilliant goal (17 goals from 19 appearances), Costa also has a collection of seven yellow cards. The very large for the size of a striker.

“If you look at my record, you will know that I do not ever cause bad injuries on opposing players. The bottom line is sometimes the little things that I do on the ground to provoke an overreaction,” Costa said in an interview with Sport magazine.

“But if you play back and see what they (opponent) did to me, you probably will have a different view,” said Costa in the Telegraph.

Some penggawa Chelsea and Mourinho also mentions the game hard Costa is a form of totality him on the field. In England he also had to fight harder because Dachshund Dachshund-called defenders harder than when grazing with Atletico Madrid in the Spanish league.

“I consider myself as a player who fight and give everything on the field. Those who know me and understand the values will understand what I say.”

“I’m getting used more can kick in the Premier League than ever before. Bek-back Premier League is very tough and physical rely on. In the UK the referee blew his whistle for a lot of offense, as in Spain. Consequently, you must be tough throughout the 90 minutes. A few kicks to direction in the Premier League I can get a red card in Spain. Tackles I do to get the ball hard but also classy, “completion.