Arsenal Direct Moving and Getting to Next Game

London – Arsene Wenger admits Arsenal did not perform well and deserved to win no more than Tottenham Hotspur. Now he just wanted to move his team from defeat and looked at the next game.

Arsenal defeated 1-2 in his visit to White Hart Lane on Saturday (07/02/2015) night. Superior first through Mesut Ozil, the Gunners conceded twice by Harry Kane.

Only three shots on target listed Wenger foster children from a total of seven attempts. One fruitful goal, the other two brilliantly thwarted by Hugo Lloris.

Wenger enough appearance highlights Lloris is considered quite good. On the other hand, he also complained about his lack of concentration.

“I feel Lloris makes a good rescue and every time we entered their area we looked dangerous. But once again regret is the decisive moments in the game we could not keep the focus survive,” he told Sky Sports.

The defeat left Arsenal dropped to sixth place, swapping places with Spurs are up to fifth. Wenger did not want his long gloomy and want to quickly stand staring at the next matches, especially at home games.

“This is a significant day because we lost, but we’ve played 13 away games and 11 at home. So we now have a series of games at home,” he continued.

“It’s time to recover from the disappointment and get ready for the next game,” said he.
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