Van Gaal Lift Hats for Spectacular Goal Herrera

MANCHESTER Had difficulty in defense dismantle Yeovil Town in the FA Cup match continued, Manchester United finally able to steal the prime numbers through Ander Herrera spectacular kick from outside the penalty box. The coach, Loius van Gaal, also landed praise for its flagship midfielder.

Competed with the squad is more qualified, does not automatically make the United pan goal after goal. Although often spread threats to the heart of Yeovil defense, the Red Devils still not able to vibrate the opponent‘s goal nets in the first 45 minutes.

After the break, Van Gaal seems to have instructed the children in her care to increase the intensity of the attacks. The result is quite effective, when Herrera successfully put United ahead on 64 minutes thanks to his hard shot from 16 yards box.

Without underestimating the other players, the direct Meneer Herrera named as man of the match in the game. Especially after seeing lesakkan former Athletic Bilbao player who is so classy.

This is a classy goal and it was not the first goal he (Herrera) from outside the box. However this is a fantastic goal. There is also a bit of luck I think, but you also need it. I am very happy to see him scoring goals again, praised Van Gaal, like quoted the Daily Star, Monday (05/01/2015).