Treated "Specials" by opponents, Hazard could flee

LONDON Have the ability qualified above average with the ability if the ball exceeds the other players, the player would be a target for opponents to stop. That is what is now happening to the Chelsea winger Eden Hazard.

The former Lille OSC was famous skilled in carrying the ball, and often become the butt” opponents in the Premier League and European club competition. It was a special concern of the Blues manager Jose Mourinho.

Coaches who dubbed him The Happy Ones, worried if Hazard could leave Chelsea at any time if it continues to be treated rudely by his opponents. Moreover, Real Madrid and Paris Saint Germain continues to make it a target.

People are addicted to football in this country (England); people definitely love Eden Hazard. How to opponents, game to game, he finished off the opponent and not protected by the referee. Maybe one day we lost Eden Hazard, Mourinho said in the Daily Star, Friday (02/01/2015).

There are one, two, three, four, five and 10 aggressive offense to him. They kicked and kept kicking, but Hazard fight hard. He is a very honest man with a way to play, Mourinho praised the 23-year-old player.