Sterling Reluctant Substitute Position Gerrard

LIVERPOOL Liverpool The young striker, Raheem Sterling in the spotlight of public Merseyside, following a captivating appearance in a number of the last game. However, he refused to change his position as captain Steven Gerrard in midfield field.

The 20-year-old player is used to play in various lines, such as being a winger, attacking midfielder or central striker. He said that if all the players in the team is important and contributes equally great.

I did not think to become a major player. Everyone on the team contributed and there is no difference. We are a team. I’m not trying to take the status of the major player in this season. During the team win and we played well that the most important thing,” Sterling bright as quoted Goal, Thursday (22/1/12015).

I learned. And must adapt in different positions and it’s what I’m doing. When I got the goal I am very happy and think if I‘ve done everything. But it’s all about focus, and try to bring my game to a higher level and try produce more goals and assists this season, “he continued.

One fascinated appearance occurred when he successfully netted the opening goal in Chelsea’s Capital One Cup semi-final on Wednesday. His goal was to save the squad Brendan Rodgers of defeat. He also said it could be achieved with targets and standards that he had set.

I have a personal goal targets, but I do not want to share it, if I have not been able to achieve the target it! I always have and always the same standard as a goal this season,” complete the England international.