Roma defender Not Think Goal "Ghosts her"

Udine – ghost goal was the match AS Roma counter Udinese, on Tuesday (06/01/2015) pm pm recognized by Davide Astori is a legitimate goal. It was believed because after scoring, Astori with direct sure to celebrate.

Goal defender was created in the 17th minute which later sparked controversy because the goal line judge did not consider the overall ball over the line. However, the referee Marco Guida still decide as a goal, even in reruns shown that only half the ball over the goal line before going back out.

This victory also closer Wolves Rome with top standings that Juventus by a single point. The Old Lady won 40 points.

Maybe my goal controversial to some people, but for me not. I immediately celebrate after a goal, there is no doubt on the official whether it crossed the goal line, but the referee has the courage to make a decision and it is true. Yes official discussions. I do not know who took the final decision but they do what they need to do to validate a goal, “said Astori as reported by Soccerway, Wednesday (01/07/2015).

Do not want to linger thinking controversial goal that brought his team ahead, the 27-year straight at the other important matches are Derby della Capitale counter Lazio on Sunday (01/11/2015) night. According to the derby that could make Rome rid of Juve at the top.

It (the Derby della Capitale) into a special game for Rome, Lazio and Rome two teams are in the game with a good appearance. Today‘s win over Udinese becomes very important to prepare the Derby and put pressure on Juventus. However we think of ourselves and what we can do, “he continued.