New flee, Former Players Jump sneered Liverpool

MILANO Former Liverpool player who recently joined AC Milan, namely Jesus Fernandez Saez or often called Suso directly pout the former club. According to the Spaniard, the Reds did not pay respect to him.

Official Suso grazing in Serie A for Milan precisely on last week. He contracted management Rossoneri with a duration of up to four and a half years into the future. Suso actually still have the chance to extend his career in the Premier League, at the next two years.

Therefore, the Liverpool said to have offered him a contract. However, in the proposal that contracts awarded Milan there is a requirement that can be approved by the 21-year-old player.

My contract will expire in June and an offer from Liverpool did not satisfy me, either economically or concerns regarding the continuation of my career,” Suso said, as quoted by the Mirror, Thursday (01/22/2015).

I decided to come there (Liverpool) when I was very young, and now I have learned a lot. Now I have grown up, but I do not feel any confidence in me there, “continued the former Almeria player.

I just want a change of scenery. And bid Milan is something I expected. They are a great club with an amazing history, now they are not in the best form. However, I promised to help as much as possible to bring the club back into the Champions League, he concluded.