Enough Rest, Sterling Ready Comeback

SUNDERLAND Brendan Rodgers says that the time off Liverpool’s young winger, Raheem Sterling is enough. In fact, Northern Ireland coach was ready to return to play the players care at the end of next week.

Throughout this season rolling, Sterling is almost always played in every matches that passed Liverpool. So naturally when Rodgers provide vacation time for one full week to 21-year-old players.

It was then made Rodgers hopes Sterling able to take advantage of the vacation time to be able to recover physical condition. So at the end of next week’s game when the Reds faced with Aston Villa, the player was able to bleed Jamaica showed the best performance.

Sterling has too much play with us so far. So naturally when he got back vacation time to recover his physical condition, “explained Rodgers, as reported by the Liverpool Echo, Sunday (11/01/2015).

However, I can confirm that the game (against Villa) next weekend, Raheem will return to play. With vacation time during the week, I hope that more fresh condition and capable of returning shows his brilliant performances with us again, the 44-year-old finished it.