Dilabrak Osvaldo, Icardi Confessing One

TURIN There are interesting in a match Inter Milan Juventus counter, Wednesday (07/01/2015) early morning hrs. Two Inter striker, Mauro Icardi and Pablo Osvaldo, involved growing disunity as the match progressed.

IcardiOsvaldo almost gave nightmares to public Juventus Stadium when the scoreboard shows 1-1. However, the Argentine international striker fired preferring instead to pass to the duet, which was running was not guarded.

Upset not passed, Osvaldo reacts violently with running towards Icardi while swearing right in the face. After the match, the former Sampdoria striker was remorseful and pleaded guilty.

I was wrong, I should give feedback to Osvaldo. But, I see their distance. Things like this happen in the field, but then everything is fine. We have to stay together while fighting and look at where our position at the end of the season, said Icardi, as reported by Goal, Wednesday (07/01/2015).

This is a negative episode Icardi the umpteenth time while in Italy. As is known, he also had to make a scene because of an affair with the ex-wife of Maxi Lopez, Wanda Naira. Even so, the spearhead of the 21-year-old was dismissed if reported no violence.

I always said that I want to stay here (Inter Milan). My agent said it and also the club. Nothing else to add, he concluded.