Wenger Wonder Goal Alex Song disallowed

LONDON West Ham United failed to break the curse” every time they meet Arsenal in the London derby at home. Since 2010, the Hammers are often less than those of the North team shirts that.

On matchday 19, Sunday (12/28/2014) night, West Ham 1-2 Arsenal back bent. After mowed two goals Santiago Cazorla (via penalty) and Danny Welbeck, West Ham could only pulled one back through Cheikhou Kouyate in the second half.

Whereas previously in the fifth minute of the first half, Alex Song had goalkeeper‘s former team first. Unfortunately, his goal was disallowed because the linesman considered first offside.

Not only stronghold of West Ham were upset, architect of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger also said he wondered, why the goal was disallowed former foster children referee.

I do not know why Alex Song disallowed goal, I thought it was a pure goal,” said Wenger, as excerpted Give Me Sport, Monday (12/29/2014).

Let Wenger, West Ham manager Sam Allardyce was admitted furious. He wondered why the referee granted anulir decision granting one party of the linesman.

I asked the fourth official, why he menganulirnya and he said that our players are in front of the keeper, I also tell how you can judge it only from the standpoint of an assistant (referee), “said Allardyce.

Should the judge is the referee. Their decision is wrong and we did get a goal that we should have, added the coach who often called Big Sam‘s.

Allardyce felt if the goal was still passed, the end result may be different.

If the referee saw it with my own eyes, he should not just guess and guess presents a wrong decision. We should be 1-0 up first and see our performance, we should not lose, he concluded.