Sure MU legend Falcao Will Shine

Manchester Although it has not been able to show his strength as a goal-hungry striker, Manchester United legend Denis Law, sure Radamel Falcao will shine at Old Trafford.

Since borrowed from AS Monaco earlier this season, Falcao more struggling with injury. So far, the new Colombian players can pack one goal.

Falcao’s future at Manchester United is still a question mark. Reportedly, the Red Devils management did not want memermanenkan status of the former Madrid striker Atlecio.

However, Law unsure if given the chance, Falcao will be transformed into one of the attackers was feared in the UK and Europe.

Falcao looks fine and he is a great player. No doubt, if the condition is recovered 100 percent, it will be scary. Good players will always look good, no matter where his team,” said Law, the official website of Manchester United.

One of the obstacles that are often experienced players is the process of adaptation, especially for those who previously played abroad.

I think it would be little difficulty adapting to the players who come from abroad. But not as difficult as in the past I used to,” he continued.

With telecommunications equipment available today, you no longer feel isolated from other countries, but still not easy to adapt in a new country with different lifestyles, different food, and of course a different language,” Law shut. [Yob]