Rodgers Close Doors for Balotelli

LIVERPOOL Anything said Mario Balotelli will return to defend Inter Milan in the near future. However, coach Brendan Rodgers has closed the exit for the bengal striker.

In recent days, Balo rumored to be back reunited with his former coach at Inter and Manchester City, Roberto Mancini. He is a player who will be relied upon to improve the achievement Nerrazurri Mancio sag lately.

While on December 24 last, claiming that the style of play Rodgers striker back number 45 did not match the pattern 4-2-3-1 which he used with Liverpool. That is why in the last few games Balo be bench warmers. However, he refused to take it off in January.

To be honest, (releasing Balotelli) is not something I was thinking. We have a busy schedule this season in all competitions. Currently, the key for me is to make the players stay together, said Rodgers, reported by ESPN, Sunday (12/28/2014).

Since imported in the summer of 2014 from AC Milan, the 24-year-old striker has not contributed a goal for the Reds in the Premier League. Even since 8 November, Balo playing 45 minutes and in the last match against Burnley he was only accompanied by a thick jacket on the Liverpool bench.