New Contract Terry Guaranteed Only Formalities

SOUTHAMPTON – Just last May John Terry signed a contract extension with Chelsea, but Jose Mourinho will come back to make sure the captain was given a new contract. He claims the contract will occur in the near future.

Less than a year was awarded a new contract, Terry successfully brought Chelsea to the Premier League standings. He also scored when the Blues diving Boxing Day game against West Ham United, Friday (12/26/2014).

As for Mourinho, who claimed Terry still playing as good as 10 years ago, the skipper wants to last much longer. The Happy One felt desire welcomed.

There is no doubt that he (Terry) will get a new contract. I know it as well as he. We in the club, directors, we all know and think so. And you also have to feel like it, “Mourinho said, as reported by Goal, Monday (12/29/2014).

Without us to confirm anything, you have to feel like it. He is a very important player in the team, so the next contract will come sooner or later. It was just a formality, he continued.

Terry has never been absent for Chelsea in the Premier League this season, as many as 19 times and all as a starter. Not only that, he also has scored two goals, namely against West Ham United and Stoke City, great it happened just within four days.

He was a happy man, he played well, like his colleagues, and loved the manager. It is a group of very happy and I think John also feel very, very happy, he concluded.