MU Kans Compose Four win streak Number Two After the Era of Sir Alex

After the death of Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United grappling seek stability and consistency. The longest winning streak only just able to be assembled in four Premier League action, which is inscribed a new one and can emulate the middle of this week.

In the era of Sir Alex, MU very closely with the victory and success. In the final months of the period, the Scottish man had even drove the ‘Red Devilsstringing seven consecutive wins in the Premier League from January 31 until March 30.

After that, under the direction of David Moyes who gush MU in the period July 2013April 2014, the Red Devils had to record a series of four wins in the Premier League (3-0 in the headquarters of Aston Villa, 3-1 at home to West Ham, 3-2 The headquarters of Hull City, and 1-0 when visited Norwich) in December last year. This is the longest winning series MU after the era of Sir Alex.

Towards December of this year Manchester United, which are now handled Louis van Gaal, was driving with three consecutive wins in the Premier League; begin on 8 November, beating Crystal Palace 1-0, followed by a 2-1 win at Arsenal headquarters on November 23, and the party when the host Hull City 3-0 at the weekend.

Thus, when they host Stoke City center this weekend, Wednesday (12/03/2014) pm dawn, MU was likely to continue the winning streak and arranged them into four; something which before this had happened one time after the death of Fergie.

Given the Opta stats, that Stoke had to swallow defeat in all 11 games MU The away opponents in all competitions, Wayne Rooney et opportunity to open in December with stringing a series of four victories seemed quite open.