Manchester City's Yaya Toure Replacement

Manchester Manchester City will attempt to find a substitute Yaya Toure in the January transfer window. Kevin De Brunye name called as one of the target of the Citizens.

City Yaya Toure will be left in the month of January. The former Barcelona player will strengthen the Ivory Coast at the African Nations Cup which starts on 17 January to 8 February 2015.

Left for approximately three months, the City plans to look for new players in the January transfer window to fill the position of Yaya Toure.

City manager Manuel Pellegrini, reportedly aiming De Bruyne, a former Chelsea player who now graze in the Bundesliga Wolfsburg. The 23-year-old player was considered suitable to replace Yaya Toure position.

However, one of the obstacles facing the City is the selling price of De Bruyne high. Wolfsburg called just want to remove the Belgian player for 20 million pounds (388 billion rupiah).

Manchester Blue must be careful in buying players because they have violated the financial fair play. They can not bring in a player exceeds 49 million pounds (950 billion rupiah).

Join the Wolfsburg since 2013, De Bruyne has appeared as much as 40 times and pack nine goals and 18 assists.