Liverpool dug Rp 2 trillion to Add Capacity Anfield Stadium

LIVERPOOL, Management of Premier League clubs, Liverpool, states, from 8 December, Anfield Stadium will be renovated to increase its capacity from 45,500 into 59,000 seats.

Projects worth 100 million pounds, or nearly $ 2 trillion that could be realized after they completed the purchase of the last house to be demolished to allow for the expansion of the stadium.

The first phase will start from the main stand which will consist of three floors with an additional 8,300 seats. Liverpool press statement said.

After that, the process will be followed by the addition of 4,800 seats in the stands of Anfield Road Stand with estimates can be completed to be used fully in the season 2016-2017. During the execution, Liverpool will continue to use Anfield for the match as usual.

This additional capacity will increase revenue for the club from every match held at Anfield. Based on the approved development plan of Liverpool city council, allowing additional capacity to hold international matches and the final of the European championship.

Added that currently there are still parts of the stadium under UEFA standards and the Premier League, which limits the Anfield Stadium into the cage a big game.

UEFA requires a decent stadium for the big game with a capacity of at least 50,000 seats with furnished accommodation as well as specific standards for the locker room players and match officials.

The memories of 96 Liverpool supporters who died in the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 will be moved to be part of Memories Park Hillsborough.