Liverpool and Arsenal scramble penggawa Palermo

Liverpool and fellow club members the English Premier League (EPL) Arsenal scramble penggawa Palermo Paulo Dybala. According to the news on Thursday (12/04/2014), Dybala fairly talented players. Age is still young, 21 years old.

Exequiel Paulo Dybala, so full name nationality Argentina. He was born in Laguna Larga on November 15 in 1993.

Began his career at the club Instituto Atletico Central Cordoba, a football club in Argentina, in 2011, the owner‘s height of 1.77 meters incised 17 goals from 40 appearances through 2012.

In 2012, Dybala move to Palermo. Until now, he has appeared 66 times and struck 12 goals for Palermo.

Dybala plays as a striker. It uses the number 9 shirt.