Important Note Boxing Day First Edition

PREMIER LEAGUE, Friday (12/26/2014) pm last night just play the Boxing Day game first edition of this 2014-2015 season. Compact big teams win, including Liverpool.

However, the Premier League is not simply the result of the match only. Some moments are created. Not only that, even the record was able to do some club. Anything that happens, the following important notes, which are summarized on Sky Sports on Saturday (12/27/2014):

Appearance Club

Manchester United almost never missed any of the action in the Boxing Day. Club, based in Old Trafford is just one defeat from 23 Premier League action that took place in December 26.

Since the Premier League era that began in 1992, the Red Devils scored 19 victories, series three times, and only once lost once at a news Middlesbrough in 2002. Even the United became the only team that has won 50 victories along the Boxing Day game.

In addition to United, Tottenham Hotspur also scored important victories. Successfully frustrate Leicester City 2-1, it means the Spurs unbeaten in the last 10 Premier League games when Boxing Day. Recorded Spurs won seven times, and a total of 18 games, the giant White Hart Lane is just one defeat.

The contrast with what belongs to Aston Villa, where the Villans just one win from 14 games in the last Boxing Day period. With the details win once, four draws, and the remaining nine defeats. Final defeat when met Swansea City 0-1.


Wayne Rooney became the only player who scored two goals in the Boxing Day this time. He helped the Red Devils a 3-1 win over Newcastle United, and add to his collection this season with eight goals.

John Terry became the first player to score in the Boxing Day 26 December 2014. The goal of the captain occurs when the Blues a 2-0 win over West Ham United. One goal of print Diego Costa, and make the descent Brazilian players in the second position, with a collection of 12 or behind two goals from Sergio Aguero.

Robin van Persie, continuing the positive trend after scored five goals in United’s last six games in the Premier League. While retainer Spurs, Harry Kane has always scored goals in the last four games.

Manchester City are the only Premier League team to have scored in each of their away games this season and has equaled their all-time record, which is a win in nine matches in all competitions.


Adam Armstrong became the first man aged 17 years 319 days to appear on Boxing Day December 26, 2014 for Newcastle United. Unfortunately debut should be marked Magpies 1-3 defeat on United.