Balotelli Give Evidence to the FA for Martial

LIVERPOOL, Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli gave evidence to the English Football Federation, in an effort to avoid sanctions related to the controversy that arises because Balotelli uploaded image on Instagram.

Balotelli assessed racist because of social media users to upload images of Super Mario, Super Mario Bros. game characters, earlier this week.

Figure it comes writing, Do not be racist. Be like Mario. He was a plumber Italy, created by Japanese people, speak English and looks like a Mexican. He jumped like black people and grabbing coins as Jews.”

After getting the criticism, Balotelli delete the image and apologized. However, the FA still decided to investigate the case and give Balotelli deadline to provide information to the FA until Friday (12/05/2014) at 18:00 local time.

According to ESPN sources, Balotelli gave evidence to the FA is an image of Super Mario has been uploaded and the abolition of Instagram.