Alexis Sanchez Being in the "Red Zone"

LONDON Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger revealed that Alexis Sanchez is currently in need of a break. According to him, with the condition Alexis susceptible to injury.

Alexis joined Arsenal from Barcelona in the summer of 2014. He immediately became the primary choice in front of Arsenal and scored 14 goals in a total of 22 appearances in all competitions.

He (Alexis) was in the red zone. You can see when he plays. I‘ll give him a break for a week in several later occasions. I have to give him a breath’,” said Wenger.

I do so with some previous players who played in every game. I do it with Thierry Henry, Robin van Persie and it always helps them to avoid injury.”

On Wednesday he played all 27 games since the beginning of the season. If you are considering international action, will be more than that amount. Unfortunately, you never know how far could suppress it.”

We are not scientific enough to predict that she was exhausted, but he was very quick to recover his condition. He could be in the morning when it comes he will be fresh. I do not know what he did that night,” added Wenger.