19th-Century Football Has Abandoned The Hammers

LONDON City of London will witness the fight pemucuk Premier League standings while, Chelsea West Ham United was rising in the fight boxing day (12/26/2014) Friday night.

The match also be fighting tactics of both teams manager, Jose Mourinho (Chelsea) and Sam Allardyce (West Ham). Especially for the Hammers, the fan will not forget the words of Mourinho when he said that the West Ham football game demonstrate tub 19th century.

Mourinho satirical style of play West Ham United football playing style which is known as kick and rush” or game balls directly into the front lines with a fast tempo.

Responding to the Big Sam greeting Allardyce- answer with games foster children that led to four major temporary.

Allardyce also recalled moments last season, when he fought with Chelsea after his team was eliminated in the FA Cup and Capital One Cup. Moreover, he struggled to lift his team out of the relegation zone, at that time Adrian perform heroic saves to end the game with the score 0-0 glasses alias.

I may not be here if we lose. Chelsea can beat you fivesix times in their headquarters. Moreover, the support of the club owner then told me very difficult to obtain, “said Allardyce as reported Squawka, Friday (12/26/2014).

But it is not a condition of the water under the bridge it’s water under the sea. It was a sea of Atlantis, and we today are much different team and enjoying the game of football this season, he continued.