Want to Meet Messi, Ronaldo Kalem

LISBON, Portugal midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo judge there is nothing to be exaggerated on the possibility of his meeting with the Argentine striker Lionel Messi, in a friendly match, at the headquarters of Manchester United, Old Trafford, England, November 18 next. According to Ronaldo, no matter what happens in the game does not determine anything other than winning and losing.

It’s just a friendly match. If this is the World Cup, this will be special. But this is only a friendly match which did not specify anything. Of course, back to Old Trafford is very special to me,” said Ronaldo, who defended Manchester United in 2003 -2009.

Ronaldo and Messi always being compared because they both have surpassed the achievements of other players, both individually and collectively. Messi has won everything with Barcelona, but it did not stop a record and new achievements.

Likewise Ronaldo. He has won everything with Real Madrid, including three FIFA Ballon d’Or trophy, but it continues to show effort to get better. Finally, he scored a decisive 1-0 victory over Armenia Portugal, the European Cup qualifying, November 14, 2014.

With that goal, Ronaldo became the highest goalscorer in the history of the European Cup. In total he has scored 23 goals in qualifying and finals, or one goal more than the previous record, which was recorded former Denmark striker Jon Dahl Tomasson.

“I know, sooner or later, I’ll beat that record,” said Ronaldo, who won the 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or.