Persistence Sanjung Rodgers Liverpool

Liverpool Liverpool have struggled to beat Stoke City at the weekend of the 13 Premier League. Persistence shown Liverpool to win praise from Brendan Rodgers.

Entertain Stoke at Anfield on Saturday (11/29/2014) pm dawn, Liverpool appeared less convincing in the first round. As a result, no goals were able to be created by Rickie Lambert et al. in the first half.

In the second half, Liverpool raised the tempo of the game. However, only in the 85th minute of their efforts to fruition. Glen Johnson‘s header gave Liverpool a 1-0 win over Stoke.

Obviously I think we deserved to win. It was clearly a difficult game. Stoket not concede many goals, they have great players,” said Rodgers told Sky Sports.

Mark (Hughes) has done a remarkable job since he was there. They have quality in the team so we knew this would be a test, but I think we deserved to win

Today we have to persevere and keep going. In the second half, the speed of our game better. We are more able to express ourselves after a solid first half

Rodgers did not dismiss if the team has not shown the best performance in this season. However, he considers that in the last few games-including hard-earned win over Liverpool Stoke– showed high determination.

“We have to show the best of the season. There are a few occasions when we were running,” said Rodgers.

For us, this question gets confidence back in the team. We have not been good enough in appearance, but they have already shown in some games that this team is a matter of determination and be competitive,” he said.