Oldest child Beckham Join Arsenal

London While David Beckham is the Manchester United academy dropout, it does not guarantee his son would follow his father to play with the Red Devils.

Beckham’s oldest son, Brooklyn, making the team coach impressed Arsenal during a training session. As a result, the North London club has decided to give a short-term contract to 15-year-old adolescents.

Reportedly, Arsenal are thinking to give a long-term contract to Brooklyn if his performance this season shiny.

Joining Arsenal Brooklyn to make Manchester United and Chelsea are also interested in him bite the fingers.

Brooklyn is very talented and following the training session and play it well. Arsenal realizes he has a great talent. They’ve seen the potential in Brooklyn and protect their assets,” says a source, as reported by Metro.

Arsenal have signed him and it makes Manchester United and Chelsea fail to get it. Next season we will see a transfer deal worth between Brooklyn and Arsenal,” the source concluded.