MU Celebrates First Away Win The Premier League Season

London After five matches without a win at home against the Premier League action this season, Manchester United finally posted the first in the sixth party in line with the results at the headquarters of Arsenal.

The Red Devils return from a visit to the cage for the Gunners on Sunday (11/23/2014) pm dawn, with bagging 2-1 after an own goal Kieran Gibbs and Wayne Rooney could only reply once the host through Olivier Giroud.

Before the victory is already five times the MU home from home versus without full points in the Premier League, by grabbing three draw and two defeats.

Sequentially ‘Red Devils’ 1-1 draw against Sunderland, 0-0 with Burnley, losing 3-5 at Leicester headquarters, playing 2-2 with West Bromwich Albion, and lost 0-1 when treated Manchester City in early November.

No doubt the first home win, let alone it was made at the headquarters of one of the teams that have traditionally become rivals, inspire confidence MU players. But they also prompted cautioned that the trend should be continued.

This is the first away win and the players are very enthusiastic, but this is just one victory,” said the Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal at the BBC.

We must affirm that with further wins, then we can say the new spirit and could start to look up and no longer to the bottom,” he continued.