Completed International Pause, The Blues Ready to Run Again

London The international break is called John Terry made the Chelsea players have a chance to recharge the batteries’ ahead of the busy period. Now the Blues are ready to continue the positive trend.

Chelsea was speeding in the Premier League. After 11 weeks, the direction of Jose Mourinho’s teams have never lost (nine wins and two draws) and leads the standings with 29 points.

Before entering the international break of two weeks ago, Chelsea won 2-1 at home to Liverpool. After the victory at Anfield, Mourinho said to provide extra holiday to the players who did not strengthen their respective national teams.

Pause was called Terry’s great for the team. Moreover, Chelsea have a busy schedule waiting until Christmas. Against West Bromwich Albion at Stamford Bridge on Saturday (11/22/2014), the beginning of the nine games that will be acted Eden Hazard et al. until Christmas.

Very nice got the break, which was unheard of at a time like this. Winning at Liverpool really helpful and the manager decided to give us a holiday, maybe a little longer than we expected,” said Terry in the official club website.

A little away was nice but you have to keep the conditions, so I was in the gym too much. We were not given a rigorous fitness program, because at this level you are taking care of yourself the right way, and all the players who‘ve been doing it off .

Already fit again after the break, Chelsea called Terry is ready to continue the positive rate has been started since the beginning of the season. Nevertheless, it remains wary of Chelsea captain WBA in the last two meetings were able to keep the team.

Now we’re back. When the international break comes and you are in a good pace, it is important to re-run when returning to the field,” said Terry.

Now we will entertain West Brom. They compensate us at Stamford Bridge last year and we knew they would give us a fight but we played well and we have to continue like that, lugasnya.