Best Call Garcia Rome in Italy, De Sanctis Justify

Rome Recently Roma coach, Rudi Garcia, boldly claiming that his team is the best team in Italy. Roma goalkeeper Morgan De Sanctis, nodded against the claims of the boss.

Until recently, Garcia maintains that Rome perform better than Juventus when they lost 2-3 at Juventus Stadium on October 5 last. The Frenchman also said that, through the performance in the game, Roma have shown that their place is at the top.

It does not match the usual, but that night Rome showed that their place is at the top. I have full confidence in my players, even after incidents in the game which hurt them.”

Giani Rivera said, may the best team win. I agree with him, Rome is the best team (in Italy),” said Garcia.

When the statement was thrown to De Sanctis, 37-year-old goalie, too, nodded in agreement. According to De Sanctis, Garcia has regularly discussed with the team and the whole team agrees with the view of the coach.

What is said Garcia legitimized by the fact that we‘ve talked about it on the team. So, it makes no difference what she was thinking, what the players think, and what the fans think,” said De Sanctis as reported by the Italian Football.

He took responsibility to make remarks like that, but basically we all carry the same responsibility to achieve a decent obtained the fans,” said De Sanctis.

Although convinced that his team is the best in Italy, Garcia not think so at the European level. For him, at the European level, Rome is still little wolf’.

In Italy we become contenders in the title race, but in Europe we are still small,” said Garcia.