Target Menez Problem with Milan

Milan Jeremy Menez aiming for the scudetto with his new club, AC Milan. While personally, Menez has a number of targets to be achieved.

Menez joined Milan in the transfer market last summer. He came from Paris SaintGermain with a free status after his contract at the Parc des Princes no longer extended.

Although only joining, Menez has been directly demonstrated impressive performance for Milan. So far, the 27-year-old player was already packed three goals of her appearance twice in Serie A.

Asked about the target, Menez confident Milan can win Serie A title took aim Problem personal targets, the former AS Roma player that wants to be more productive and return to the French national team.

Scudetto, I really believe it. And the minimum target is to qualify for the Champions League. Milan can play against anybody,” Menez said to Gazzetta dello Sport quoted as saying by the Italian Football.

And personally? Print more than 10 goals. In Italy, if someone said Menez, you think ah yes, he is to make goals four times a year.” It’s no longer like that, “said Menez.

And then I want to return to the national team. Within two years, France will play in the European Cup and I want to be there,” he added.