Roma tumbles, This explanation Jacksen F Tiago

Kuwait City Roma failed to maintain the advantage gained when appearing in the AFC Cup. This time, they fell at the hands of Al Qadsia.

In the first leg of the AFC Cup quarter-finals when facing Kuwait SC, Roma was winning 1-2. However, the home team was able to reverse the position to be 3-2.

Team Black Pearls still qualify for the semi-final second leg due in Kuwait SC managed to hit 6-1. Boaz Solossa and his friends escaped with a 8-4 aggregate advantage.

In the first leg of the AFC Cup semi counter Al Qadsia, the incident repeated. Competed at the Kuwait Sports Club Stadium, Tuesday (16/09/2014) night local time, Roma had a 2-1 lead in the first round.

However, in the second half Roma more depressed and could not do much so it must be conceded three goals and closed the game with a score 4-2.Pelatih Roma, Jacksen F Tiago

Roma coach, Jacksen F Tiago, assess the weather a bit much greater role for the victory of Al Qadsia.

“The score at halftime was perfect for us because it managed to score two goals. We headed for the dressing room with good ideas. However, all changed in the second half and it is unfortunate we conceded three goals,” he said, at the official website of the AFC.

The weather was very favorable opponents who are used to the scorching heat. They are also playing at home in front of the fans. Eventually they were able to get up and reverse the position in the second half,” he continued.

Despite losing 2-4, Jacksen remain optimistic to achieve victory in the second leg and advanced to the finals. Earlier, Roma have experienced similar things in the quarter-finals when they lost 2-3 in the first leg and winning 6-1 in the second leg.

The team that advanced to the finals will be decided in the second leg, and now both teams already know each other. We will exert every effort to achieve maximum results and qualify for the final of this competition,” the Brazilian coach was closed.

The second leg will be held at Mandala Stadium, Jayapura, on Tuesday (09/30/2014). Titus Bonai and his friends need at least a 2-0 win to qualify for the final.